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Super new You Tube photos of the church as never seen before from a friendly drone.  A click on the link should take you there.            https://youtu.be/Itu_BCZja2I   10.11.2016


Take a guess at the year  - About 1950

donated to church May 2013

Lord Savile visits Thornhill August 2012 to see the conservation work carried out so far.

Lord and Lady Savile with the Rector


Photos of prints by Malcolm Jones of items in church 2012 and Jonathan Cooke's Drawings for the new East window in the Savile Chapel + 1634 Map of Thornhill

Photoshoot by Melvyn Foxton May 2012
click https://picasaweb.google.com/101555190427929545364/Melvyn4?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCPjjkrmwgcTPuQE&feat=directlink

Image by C&D Photographer Thornhill December 27122014

TPC interior 2015 C&D

Tower Restoration works 2011

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Monument to Sir John Savile d 1491  & Lady Anne

 view detailed photographs here   


Charlesworth  Guide to the church of St Michael Photos by WE Gundill/ A Lyles 1940'


 Thornhill Memories by Brenda Pearson
4 photographs

Edge Road School

Edge Lane


Parochial Hall   


Church Choir



 Church November 2006             Old Rectory 2006Thornhill Old Rectory


Church 2007  

Thornhill Parish Church November 2006


              Runic stones display in Savile Chapel

Runic Stones in Savile Chapel


church 2006 building    

Thornhill Parish Church 2007 


Angel doors

    The Church Tower

Thornhill Parish Church Tower  - collage

Installation of Bells 1980  - Click here to listen to the bells 

                                    Bells installation 2

Bells installation 1    

Bells installation3 

   Bells installation 4














Bells installation 5                                      

Glass Jesse window

Jesse Window    

                                                               Old Organ

Old Organ  Walker organ 1880



War memorial

War memorial 2 

Thornhill CE School Roll of Honour 1914-1918 War

THornhill CEE school Roll of honour

Church in Winter

Thornhill Parish Church in winter     Melvin Foxton(C)        


 Savile Chapel prior to 1877

Savile Chapel prior to 1877


 Church Prior to Restoration 1877   

Church prior to Restoration 1877    

Interior stead 18991899 by Stead note chandeliers

INterior 1899INterior 1899 probably by Stead



  Canon Hayman  Choir 1939

      Canon Hayman with Choir 1939?

Canon Hayman  Men 1039  

 Canon Hayman with men 1939? 


    Thornhill Colliery

                                   Thornhill Colliery

 Church 1920 colour

Church 1920's ?


Thornhill Parish Church AFC 1923-4
Back row Lto R Cleveland..  Scragill,A Dransfield, Senior, R Rhodes, Spencer, A Fisher,GH Hincliffe WH Scargill
Fron Row  ? ? ? ? Curate Brown Pope, Speight, C. Peace, D Scargill, G Pickles or H Jevons, C Wiper


Organ case 1981 Binns    Organ Binns 1981  Organ console 1


Binns Organ console 1981 Binns Organ console 2


War Grave 1War Grave 1       War Grave 2war grave 2          R E  Blakeley

 C. Summerscales DFC


 There are more photographs on the Kirklees Image web site-  http://www.kirkleesimages.org.uk

Lindsay Dew's Final day. collage

Lindsay final day collage