Thornhill Parish Church

Serving the local community

Welcome to our building and our people

Our Mission is to worship God, to minister to the needs of the
community and to help all people grow in faith and fellowship as a family of believers
Everyone is welcome – whether you are a lifetime church goer or someone who has never been to church before, you will be warmly welcomed! 



             Rector Revd Debbie Nash
Debbie at induction

01924 465064

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For those of you unable to come to the church through illness or infirmity, we are pleased to bring Holy Communion out to your home and / or to visit. We firmly believe that ministry is from all and to all, taking place both in the building and outside in the community.

We hope you will find us warm and welcoming. When you visit,please make yourself known to us. We will be glad to see you

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We take this issue really seriously and our policies, approved  by the Church of England and our Diocese, are designed to underpin this.

Our church safeguarding officer is Helen Armitage. 01924461831

Please find Church of England policy for safeguarding here and more information from the Diocese of Leeds safeguarding can be found here 


If there are immediate serious concerns about the safety of a child or
Adult you should contact the Kirklees Safeguarding Team

KIRKLEES : Child day 01484 456848 OUt of hours  01484 414933
  Adult Day  01484 221000  Out of hours 01484 414933


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 'Our vision is to equip confident clergy to enable confident Christians to live and tell the good news of God in  Christ

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The vision of the Diocese

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