Sunday 12th July 2020 5th Sunday after Trinity

Virtual worship recorded in Thornhill Parish Church Available Sunday

Virtual worship available Led by Elaine Wilkes 

There is a service of the word led by Rev Carol Gill at Whitley Parish Church at 11.15 - you are welcome.

Sunday 5th July 2020 4th Sunday after Trinity

There is a chance to go to church today for Private Prayer, Reflection and to light a candle  from 10.00-12 noon ( and on Wednesdays the same times)

Virtual Worship available from 9.00 am

Worship with Elaine


Sunday 28th June 3rd after Trinity available from 9.00 am

Virtual  worship led by Elaine

This is a link to a Sermon for this Sunday by the Bishop of Huddersfield


Bishop Jonathan Gibbs | The Diocese of Leeds, Church of England


Sunday 21st June 2nd after Trinity available from 9.00 am

Virtual worship

Sunday 14th June 2020 available from 9.00  am

1st After Trinity

Virtual Worship


Sunday 7th June 2020 is TRINITY SUNDAY

Trinity Sunday celebrates the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Virtual Worship 


and a Special Sermon from Bishop Jonathan Gibbs Bishop of HUDDERSFIELD FOR TRINITY SUNDAY


Bishop Jonathan


Pentecost Sunday May 31st 2020

The Gift of The holy Spirit  and The BIRTH Day of the church 

Virtual Service for Pentecost Sunday

The Virtual Coffee Morning IS 13th June


Virtual Service for 1st Sunday after Ascension
24th May 2020

Hymn for the Day

Virtual Service 


Ascension Day Service at 6.30 p.m. on Facebook Live from Dewsbury Minster still available


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Virtual Service for 1030 on Sunday 17th May 2020 led by Elaine Wilkes

                                              then available long term

Virtual serviice



Virtual Service for 13th May 2020 by Elaine Wilkes

Virtual Service for 10th May 2020

The service will feature on VE Day remembrance.
VE Day flags

                                     Tthis is sung to the Tune Dam Busters which we sing at Remembrance

Virtual Service led by Elaine 1030 or later


Short Virtual Service 6th May 2020


If you have the Zoom app on your device, you may like to join a virtual a Communion Service led by Rev Kate Currie from her home at 10.00 for Skelmanthorpe Parish Church.  To access this service, please contact revkcurrie@icloud.com for a link code and instructions beforehand.

* * * 

Sunday 3rd  May 2020 available for 10.30 or later, our normal virtual service by Elaine


Wednesday 29th April 2020

Virtual Service

Sunday 26th April 2020 for 10.30 or later

Virtual worship


Wednesday 22nd April 2020   10.00

This hymn is often used at the start of our Meditation sessions in church


Sometimes used as our reponse at Intercessions


Sunday April 19th at 1030  for some reason called Low Sunday or 2nd Sunday of Easter or Resurrection Sunday

A favourite of our Former Rector and our Present one too!


A much older Easter Hymn- a favourite Methodist hymn

Wednesday April 15th 10.00

Easter Day 12th April 2019   

Easter Candleeaster flowersEaster Cross    

Esater Flowers

                              Happy Easter!  Alleluia

Christ the Lord is Risen Today 


Today is Holy Saturday

The day when we await the Resurrection. Churches traditionally, clean, rehearse, create flower displays and prepare

Here is the Virtual Worship for today


 Good Friday 

....a typical Good Friday for at least the last twenty years amongst the Churches in Thornhill would start with a morning with Kids from our churches meeting at Thornhill Methodist Church to make Crafts and hear the Easter Story - in word , play and music. This was followed by a short service when we were joined by Adults after which we processed to The Cross and erected a large Wooden Cross. Everyone was given a Palm Cross and asked to pray for the person whose name was on it. .. well not this year no Methodist Church and Lockdown. 

Good Friday at the CrossGood Friday 2010

Images from April 2019

There would be short services at Whitley in the Morning and Meditation Service at Thornhill in the afternoon

Virtual Service for Good Friday

On Easter Day you might like to Look at the service at 1030 so that we can be together Spiritually as well as through the prepared Service. 

The readings can be found here


 Maundy Thursday April 8th 2020


The Last Supper as if it was held today as a Zoom meeting... 

Virtual Worship led by Elaine

You May like to listen to the following as you ponder thoughts of today.

 On Easter Day you might like to Look at the service at 1030 so that we can be together Spiritually as well as through the prepared Service.


Wednesday 8h April 2020

Thank You Elaine-------

For the jews today is Passover. For many years on this day we held a Christian Passover evening which involved a Jewish Passover Meal and Holy Communion.Very soon it will be the time for Ramadan for our Muslim Friends. So this is a Holy Time for many people.  We have always traditionally held a similar event with a meal and Communion. Well we cannot have either today because of the Pandemic. A little reminder below.

Holy Week supper 1Holy Week 2

This is a quite appropriate song recorded virtually - it is our Rector's favourite too.

Tuesday 7th April 2020


Monday 6th April 2020

Today's service from Elaine at home (with enthusiastic accompaniment from Penny the dog )


Palm Sunday -

Procession in 2011 in Overthorpe Park

Palm Sunday 2 aplm sunday 1  Palm Sunday 3

To help you remember we would normally have  Jeremiah and a procession of Palms into our Churches - so imagine!

 Service led from home by Elaine

If you are in the mood listen to Hosanna from Jesus Christ Superstar. The film is on You Tube on Good Friday at 1900


'Do Not be afraid'  is a song we sing at Communion sometimes - you might like to listen to the song


Service for Passion Sunday 29th March 2020 by Elaine Wilkes from Home