Weekly Readings & Notice Sheet

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                                                                                           Welcome back into the building!

Join us on Sunday for worship in church at Thornhill at 9.30am and Whitley at 11.15am. 

The 9.30am service at Thornhill continues to be livestreamed on Facebook and uploaded later to Youtube

A Holy Communion service will also be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 10aml

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Please use these as you follow the service  or to pray at home or in church.      

    red         link       notice      look

Sunday 9th May

Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

The Readings and Sunday Link are as we normally use in church for services.

The Notice Sheet is an abridged version of the weekly sheet from our church. 

 Look is an activity sheet for children for you to print at home if you have facilities.

If you wish to watch the live stream service on Sunday please go to our Facebook page

You can find Bishop Jonathan's Easter sermon here as audio or here to read

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Archive of Weekly Resources

Sunday 2nd May Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 25th April Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 18th April Readings  Sunday Link  Notice Sheet  Look

Sunday 11th April Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Easter Sunday  Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 28th March Readings    Sunday Link  Notice Sheet  Look

Sunday 28th March Readings  Sunday Link  Notice Sheet  Look

Mothering Sunday Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 7th March Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 28th February Readings    Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 21st February Readings   Sunday Link  Notice Sheet    Look

Sunday 14th February Readings   Sunday Link   Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 7th February Readings   Link    Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 31st January Readings  Link  Notice Sheet  Look

Sunday 24th JanuarReadings  Sunday Link  Notice Sheet  Look

Sunday 17th January Readings  Sunday Link    Notice Sheet Look

Sunday 10th January Readings  Sunday Link    Notice Sheet   Look

Sunday 3rd January Readings   Sunday Link    Notice Sheet    Look