All enquiries for Baptisms should be made to  Mrs Sheila Roth 01924  464242 or  click here for email.                         

  We  offer a separate service on the afternoon of the second Sunday of the month - please, do get in touch to find out more information and to be baptised at Thornhill Church you should be a resident of the Parish or have close family connections.

There are two options to welcome your new baby; first of all a Thanksgiving Service if you wish to recognise the gift of your new baby with Families and Friends but not have a full baptism service.Or you could choose the traditional Christening service.

baptism                                              baptism   

During the Christening service you will be baptized as a Christian Baptism is a sign of new life in Christ and a Baptism is a happy time for families.The Church of England has a new website explaining all about the wonderful journey with God that you will embark on and has lots of information for parents, godparents and guests - click on the image below.

             C of E baptism page      

  If you are interested in Thanksgiving, or in having your child baptised, you should contact the Rector 01924 450746

There are NO FEES for Baptism or Thanksgiving services but we might take a collection 

 Baptism services will normally take place once a month, with a maximum of three individuals on each date.

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Weddings Please contact John Halliday (see contact page)


We are delighted you are considering being married in Thornhill Parish Church. If you are doubtful about whether you may be married in church please ask. A quarter of all weddings take place in a Church of England church. We average around twenty weddings per year in our church. As well as marrying in church, some couples hold a Service of Blessing after taking their civil vows in a Registry Office.

 Weddings are often planned a long time ahead because of other activities in the church, the fees for a wedding can be seen in the link at the bottom of this page

                 bea and steven 2               wedding

  Bea and Steven's wedding

The Church of England has a website explaining what is understood by ‘Christian marriage’, what the church service involves, and some of the legal considerations - click on the image below

C of E weddings

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 Funerals - please contact Diane Goodwin ( see Contact page)

The first approach to the church is usually made by the funeral directors. The Church of England has a website to help you at this difficult time, click on the image below

C of E funerals

All churchyards are covered by Diocesan Regulations . New regulations which we have to abide by came in on the 23rd February 2017 see them on the churchyard page here particularly before ordering headstones.

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Weddings Baptisms or Funerals please contact

Please leave a message with your telephone number and  will get back

FEES you can expect to pay to the church

click here.for wedding fees and funeral fees