Join us at Thornhill for private prayer on 

Sunday and Wednesday at 10 - 12  

Services at Thornhill

Every Sunday at 9.30am - Holy Communion

First Wednesday of each month at 10am - Holy Communion

Services at Whitley

Every Sunday at 11.15am - Service of the Word

* * *

 The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held at Thornhill on Sunday 25th October after 9.30am service. 

The church and PCC will be carefully considering social distancing and other implications for the meeting to ensure the meeting is safe and runs smoothly. Under current rules, masks will need to be worn unless you are addressing the group.

 Please collect a form from church to amend any information for the Electoral Roll or email Emma Scott to receive electronic versions.

* * *

See our Calendar Below

if you click on the Agenda it is easier to view. - be aware if there is nothing on a particular day that day does not show in Agenda view.

The Angels Cafe  closed during Covid 19 pandemic

Open every Wednesday in church at 11.15 am to 1.00 pm

 - everybody welcome! Good food , music and company.

The proceeds from the café supports charitable work - see our News page for a list of their recent donations

 Thank You to the volunteers who run it!  

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