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Sunday 22nd September

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Harvest will be celebrated at Whitley Church on Sunday 22nd September at 11.15am.   

   We will celebrate St Michael and All Angels with a joint Benefice Service at Thornhill on Sunday 29th September at 10.30am

Harvest will be celebrated at Thornhill on Sunday 6th October at 9.30am.

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Please note our Churchwardens at Thornhill are

 Diane Goodwin 01924 469172 or John Halliday 01924 509818 

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The Angels Cafe

Open every Wednesday in church at 11.15 am to 1.00 pm

 - everybody welcome! Good food , music and company.

The proceeds from the café supports charitable work - see our News page for a list of their recent donations

 Thank You to the volunteers who run it!  

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