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Churchyard Regulations

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Churchyard Regulations

In order to maintain safety and ease of grass cutting and maintenance would all those who tend graves please refrain from placing


 These can cause damage to maintenance equipment and our workpeople as well as those who visit the churchyard.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

 These Rules and Regulations are set by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Leeds                                                      and we are all required to follow them.   Copies are available on the church website or from
The Rector on   01924 465064

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All churchyards are covered by Diocesan Regulations

see them here.   These new local regulations came into force on the 23 February 2017 and everyone is legally obliged to

follow them.Snowdrops

There are some changes to the previous ones -
1.  that ONLY Yorkshire sandstone may be used for graves and cremated remains.
2    When we reach the end of the current row of cremated remains the size of slabs that may be used reduces to 18" square from 24" to allow for more remains to be buried and extend the life of the churchyard.
3.    It is now allowed that a small inscription , in addition to names and dates, may be engraved on cremated remains slabs subject to permission from the Rector.
4.    There are still detailed rules about what is and is not allowed to placed in the churchyard- for example  gravel, windmills, solar lights,glass of any kind, kerb stones, railings are NOT ALLOWED ( please see Section 11 of the rules). The Rector is not allowed by law to allow any of these. 

Please help us maintain a beautiful space for everyone by adhering to these regulations.


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An interesting and informative study by Marjorie Middleton- one of our members- provides a snapshot of the wildlife that may be seen.

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 Arboricultural reports     December 2022

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