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Restoration of Stained Glass windows  August 3rd 2020

Public notice for Aplication of a Faculty for the work is here

The report on the methods proposed and pictures are here

The report on the Conservation of Victorian and medieval windows may be seen here  and

THe work will be carried out by J&R Cooke who did the work on our other windows.


Both churches will be open as usual tomorrow August 2nd 

Thornhill Holy Communion 10.00              Face masks strongly advised

Whitley -worship 1115

Thornhill Open Wednesdays 10-12 for Prayer and visitors. 

Diocese of Leeds large

The Diocese of Leeds has very close links with the Christian community in Sudan and the country is   struggling to cope with the financial impact of Covid. 

Bishop Nick Baines has started an appeal for funds - see this letter with details on how to make a donation.


Our reopening service took place yesterday 26th July and was a happy occasion carried out respecting all the social distancing and advised protocols.  We cannot go ahead with planned services on Wednesdays as we do not have a Priest who can officiate, The church will be open for Private Prayer.

reopening service



Guidance received today from the Diocese recommends the use of face coverings in church, see following quotation:

We strongly advise that face coverings should be worn by all those attending a place of worship, including ministers, worshippers, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors, where there may be other people present; remembering that they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19 and that they are not a replacement for physical distancing and regular hand washing

Please do bring a face covering to church. 

* * * 

Whitley Church is reopened for Services of the Word on Sunday July 12th at 1115.


Thornhill has re-opened and the Service of Communion will start at 10 am on both Wednesdays and Sundays

This leaflet has been distributed to many houses in Dewsbury South giving information about resources available both locally and nationally.

DSC 19 emotional support

Click here for full size leaflet


Reopening banner

Both churches are now OPEN for Private Prayer, Reflection and Candle lighting.  Whitley -Sundays 1030-1230 and Thornhill Wednesdays and Sundays 10.0-12.0


UPdate -   Dewsbury South Covid-19 community action group(DSCs) was born three months ago to support the elderly and the vulnerable who had to self-isolate for their safety in Thornhill, Thornhill Lees, Whitley & Briestfield.  Members of Empathy, a multicultural community group that aims to bring people from all backgrounds together; Darul-ilm Mosque; Thornhill Community Academy, the local high school; Quba Community Hub; Thornhill Parish Church and the parish of Ravensthorpe with Thornhill Lees and Savile Town work closely together for the community, supported by members of the local branch of the Labour Party. Volunteers have generously come forward to enable us to achieve our objective. We are all taking care to make sure everyone is aware of the very infectious nature of the Covid-19 virus. We avoid physical contact staying at least 2 metres distant and washing our hands regularly.

We leafleted 5000 households within a week and have since done 184 shops for those self-isolated, collected 45 prescriptions, posted mail and supported people on the phone. Our project is all about local people helping each other at a time of need regardless of background. By reaching out to everyone in the community we are trying to demonstrate that by pulling together we can not only help people to get through this difficult time but also develop a sense of community spirit that unfortunately is not as strong as it once was. Our area has seen a great number of changes over the past 60 years. Thornhill & the villages are predominantly white British. By contrast Thornhill Lees is a mixed community of white & Asian British but the populations are not really integrating.  Because this is a multi-cultural, multi-faith initiative we have had the opportunity to show each population the best of ourselves, demonstrating this through practical support, kindness and humanity.

Realising more & more the increasingly high level of need in our community, we have broadened our objective to include support more locals whose needs have been caused or worsened Covid-19 emergency. We work closely with Zakaria Mosque in Savile Town & Neighbourhood Nest in Thornhill. Eighteen urgent food parcels & 467 free meals have been sourced for those locked down. A ‘Kirklees Community Who Can?’ grant allowed us to offer a free shop for each of the self-isolating households in contact with us. Twice weekly we receive free food from Fareshare Go, recently supplemented by food from Fareshare Yorkshire thanks to a generous grant from Borough Parish Credit Union. We sort out this food into packs for individual households offering them to different streets each time, now with added items for children.

 We are always striving to find better ways of targeting our help towards those in need. We have just printed a leaflet ‘Love never fails’ that offers emotional & spiritual support and includes contact details of many local & national organisations. For those living in our area in increased need due to Covid-19 emergency we encourage them to phone us on 07540985591 or email

DC Currie   Member of DSCs    15th June 2020



The Rev Sue Clarke is running a Christian Meditation virtually from  TUESDAY May 12th on Zoom.  See invite HERE   You will need to get in touch with Rev Sue to get the link code. 

or log in to Zoom and Click Join Meeting and enter this code

Meeting ID: 879 4595 5303
Password: 023238


ALL Information on Covid 19 and the wider Church can be seen at


The death  of a dear friend of the church has been announced JOYCE THWAITES died aged 97 in her Care Home in York. We pray for her family and thank God for her long life serving others


This picture is of Peggy Nowell who recently celebrated her 100th Birthday. She was a Leap Year Baby so has not had too many Birthdays.   Congratulations Peggy.

Peggy was active in the Tenants and Residents Group in Thornhill and a Member of our church PCC until into her Nineties.

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Here she is with Kathleen Wood.