Thornhill Parish Church

Serving the local community

 Meetings of the Parochial Church Council are held every other month on the third Monday at church

See the minutes below:

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In between meetings a series of sub groups meet to plan our activities and mission.These play a large part in the ongoing mission and development part of the work of the church in the community.see whole document here

Outreach Group-Chair  Brian Pearson- deals with social and fundraising events;  encouraging awareness and use of the building;  publicising events and advertising.

summer fair

 Missions and Charities Group-Chair  Marion Wilson  and Marion Crowther - aim to promote parish events which highlight the work of missions and charities, by raising awareness and by organising charity fund-raising events and collections as appropriate. We look to help and support local / parish representatives of charitable organisations. We respond to emergency appeals as well as organising ongoing events throughout the year. Responsible also for Fairtrade awareness We support both Christian and secular charities, seeing it as promoting the teaching of Jesus through practical action. Our latest appeal is below  Batley Carr Trinity Care Appeal 
Our ongoing collection of food and urgently needed clothes 
for the local homeless 

Giving and Stewardship Group   Chair  Rector
Has oversight of the responsible Stewardship of Thornhill Parish Church. Its aim is to promote and raise awareness of the need for generous giving of resources, money, time and talents to support and encourage God’s Kingdom in the Parish we serve. The group will provide a platform and give support to the Treasurer, Giving Officer and Gift Aid Officer and other focus groups in the area of stewardship. It will create opportunities for stewardship to be brought into the worship of the Church.  THis is a strategic group and only meets twice a year.

 Ministry Group- Chair- Rector  This is not simply the clergy organising the services! Thornhill Church is a part of the Wakefield Ministry Scheme and whole-heartedly supports the concept of lay ministry. In this group we seek to work alongside the clergy in furthering the spiritual well being and and spiritual development  of the parish. The Transformational plan sits here as does the oversight of Prayer Group and Study Group

Families Group  chair   Rev Sue Clarke           -oversees and organises- Buggy Praise and Saturday Club.  It offers Pastoral care for weddings and baptisms and follow up. It acts as the main contact point for schools. The group also follows up on anniversaries of family events. See also our page on Weddings and christenings here

Pastoral Group-chair David Currie  Bereavement care and visiting. The sick at Home and Hospital  Looking out for those who are absent.  Elderly and  Years mind contact. Keeping records  Adding to prayer focus. Inviting to memorial service .Transport – getting people to church.

Fabric Group - building and churchyard
chair  Brian Pearson                          
Maintenance and development of building and grounds Churchyard upkeep. Developing and overseeing renewal projects including applications for faculties and grants  Environmental and ‘Going Green’ concerns.

Beat energy report see here

See the report on Trees here
and plan here