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NEXT is June 20th.

ON Saturday 6th JUNE   Thank you to all the volunteers from our own church and for the helpers from the Chuch of the Latter Day Saints who sent a working party. It is a mammoth task brilliantly tackled.

Ready to start work----- would you like to help! Just turn up at 9.30 a.m.- 12 noon with shears and spades and energy!
2015 dates will be as follows- hope you can come and help.
Saturdays 9.30 - 12.00

June 20th    July 11th  August 1st  August 22nd  September 19th

Please contact Michael Sheerin if you want more information and also if you can help on a regular weekly basis.

01924 457918


Latest News on developments in the churchyard

Click here to read the Rector's update November 2014

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Regulations: Diocesan statement August 2014

'Every Diocese has Churchyard Regulations and here at Thornhill, Dewsbury in the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales we are no different. This is a legal process over which the local vicar has absolutely NO jurisdiction and can only try their best to help and advise the families.The local vicar in this case tried to do just that by writing to all the families earlier this summer explaining the situation, offering to talk to any families and visiting the churchyard to advise families on how best to look after their graves. We understand the families’ concerns and are saddened that a resolution has not been achieved in every case.The Churchyard Regulations were put in place to preserve the amenity for the parish and the community for its benefit and enjoyment, to ensure good practice is observed and to help the maintenance and management of parish churchyards'.

As well as being a consecrated and active burial ground the churchyard  is a resource for local historians and  a haven for wildlife of all sorts. 

 An interesting and informative study by Marjorie Middleton- one of our members- provides a snapshot of the wildlife that may be seen.

To view this document please click here

Churchyard  Teacher's Information Pack click here

Churchyard Geology Trail click here


 Arboricultural reports     July 2012

click here to view report  and

here to see location plan


The churchyard of is a beautiful oasis situated between busy main roads in Thornhill. Covering an area of round about 3 acres it is a place of solitude and peace for the relatives of the departed. The churchyard is visited by many people tending graves or cremated remains plots and also by people passing through on a leisurely walk. Such a large area of grassland needs constant maintenance and we at Thornhill have a small and dedicated team of carers who meet regularly on summer Saturdays to cut grass and generally tidy the churchyard. Anyone wanting to join us is most welcome. Please contact the Rector or churchwardens for information. As can be seen from the pictures some parts of the churchyard are kept neatly cut and some are left to grow wild. These wild areas are home to a huge selection of butterflies, birds, hedgehogs, frogs and other wildlife ( see study by Marjorie Middleton above )

A working group are looking at ways in which the churchyard can develop also as a conservation area space whilst retaining the sacred space. Major tree felling and surgery has recently been caried out at a cost of over £10,000 to remove diseased trees and conserve the others. New pathways have been constructed to make easier access.

Views of the churchyard-

there is far more than you can see here!!









Rectory Park -across the road from the churchyard is the wonderful Thornhill Rectory Park which was once the home of the Rectors of Thornhill. There has always been a close contact with the park and the church. The Friends of Rectory Park (click here ) have a new website .There are some wonderful pictures to look at here. There is a super picture too of the spitfire which came to our Summer Fair.