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Good Friday Children's Morning and Procession to The Cross
A large group of young people met at THornhill Methodist Church to work together in learning and enjoyinhg the Easter Story. They mad the poster below and gifts to take home . A goodly number then proceesd with a large cross to THE CROSS in Thonnhill after a short service. The cross remains for a few weeks as a potent symbol of the Christian faith .


A Christian passover Meal was celebrated at Thornhill Parish Church by 50 members on the Wedenesday of Holy Week 2013. A talk by Rev Kevin Maddy on his experiences as a roving priest and chaplain related closely to the theme of Passover and Easter.

Pentecost Praise took place in the grounds of Thornhill Parish Church onMay 27th 2012

a Scorching hot dayPentecost Praisee 2012

The  Chair is Rev Sue Clarke 
Honorary Secretary is vacant

The churches involved in this group are Thornhill Methodist Church, Thornhill Parish Church, Thornhill Lees Parish Church, Ravensthorpe Parish Church and Whitley Parish Church and Fresh Expressions Thornhill.

 Events are organised throughout the year to witness to our continuing 'growing together in Christ'- See Calendar

Lent is a particular time for working together with study groups, a meal with a celebration of the Last Supper or Agape.  A joint procession of witness takes place every year on Good Friday from the Town to 'The Cross' with a wooden cross carried and then erected for several weeks as a symbol of the resurrection.

At The Cross in Thornhill Easter


 Cross made by Children April 2012  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Annual Report    

Churches Together 2012 Annual Report by David Currie, Chair:presented at Annual meeting February 2012

  'Two full houses at Thornhill Methodist Church for quiz nights with supper on Shrove Tuesday 2012 and 9th November were much enjoyed. Lent followed the usual format in 2012 with good attendance (17-25) for the York Course entitles “Handing on the Torch”. Lent lunches seemed to be less popular and it may be time for a change. An interview on DVD with Canon Andre White, Vicar of Baghdad, was thought provoking, preceded by a simple meal and followed by Holy Communion on the Wednesday in Holy Week. Pentecost Praise in Thornhill Parish Church grounds proved a successful format, but better promotion is needed to boost numbers. The Bible study group completed ‘Essential 100’ in the Upper Room at Thornhill Parish Church and moved on to Philip Yancy’s ‘What’s so Amazing About Grace’. We welcome Revd. Judith Satchell who joined us as the new Methodist minister to Thornhill Methodist Church. We first met at a service to celebrate 25 years of Christian Unity at Batley Methodist Church led by Most Revd. Vincent Nicholls, Archbishop of Westminster. Our year finished with the week of Prayer for Christian Unity service., organised by Christians in India on the theme of “What does God Require of Us?” held at Thornhill Parish Church.

We have supported the charity Christian Aid in line with our usual practice. Sadly Revd. Peter Bates and Father Robert Ward left us this year for pastures new and we thank them, for their contributions to our Churches Together group.'

 West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council- we are pleased to support the work of WYEC. Follow this link to their web site -