Thornhill Parish Church

Serving the local community

Our New Rector

Our new rector will be: from the 4th September Revd. Debbie Nash- her welcome service is at 1930 on 4th September - do come.

An approachable and inspirational  team leader who will nurture what we already have and help our church families to grow both  numericallyand in knowledge of and commitment to Jesus Christ

Passionate about working with children, young people and families in school and in the community helping them grow in faith and commitment

Creative in seeking new ways to bring Christianity afresh to baptism families and to those under 50

Friendly and outgoing,  committed to making each of our churches more visible in the community in which it is set

Flexible and comfortable with working in both a suburban and rural setting to meet the differing needs of our two communities


All the details are on the Diocesan website link above.  God bless.